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Discover: The Blue Train

Luxury Is Better When Shared !

Train: The Blue Train, Cape Town, South Africa

Many kings and presidents have traveled to this beautiful five-star mobile hotel. Its name has become synonymous with the most refined luxury and unparalleled personalized service.
The Blue Train itineraries - whether regular routes or specially chartered trips - to pass through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.


This overnight, 27-hour journey takes travelers from Cape Town to Pretoria, or the reverse. The Blue Train glides smoothly through picturesque landscapes, all the while offering a gorgeous array of gourmet cuisine and carefully curated South African wines.

Be Carreful! Valid for Travel now Through 31 Dec 2017.

At the same time as the scenery past the windows, guests can enjoy exquisite meals prepared aboard by the chefs. Meals are accompanied by the best wines from South Africa.
The suites on the Blue Train live up to its reputation for magnificence and splendor. The finest linens, tiles and marble and gold bathrooms in the bathrooms, in a word, the opulence everywhere presents, all combine to make unforgettable for passengers the time on the blue Train.
When you choose to embark aboard the Blue Train, you make a choice of travel in a romantic world of grace and elegance.


- Suite accommodations onboard the Blue Train with butler service
- All meals and beverages including wines and liquors
- Off-train excursionA complimentary pre- or post-rail hotel night with breakfast
- One-way transfer to or from the station
- A complimentary bottle of sparkling wine and gift on arrival


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