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Our president’s commitment

Thanks to a team renowned for its experience in the field of travel, we provide you with top-quality personalized service every day, guided by a thorough knowledge of the area and your demands.

What makes Mauriac Voyages different is the optimal modern working conditions we’ve created for our employees with a Feng Shui office. 

This also allows us to provide you with an ever efficient Anglo-Saxon approach while promoting our airline and hotel partners.



Mauriac Voyages in short

Our know-how in luxury customized trips has earned us the current rank of one of the ten best luxury travel agencies in France.

Respectively market leaders, our two brands - Mauriac Voyages and Wine Paths enable us to develop a privileged relationship with key partners who make your trip an unforgettable luxury experience.

Evaluating the best on the market and listening to your needs are the quintessence of our staff's work.

Whether it's business travel for business people, personalized luxury trips or unforgettable group experiences around the world, building trust and satisfaction is our main objective.

At Mauriac Voyages, there are no shop windows or billboards. To contact us, all you must do is ring the doorbell and push open the door: an agent will take care of you as soon as you arrive.